Suicideboys, Ghostemane & City Morgue at Pechanga Arena

Suicideboys Tickets

Pechanga Arena | San Diego, California


Suicideboys, Ghostemane & City Morgue is the GOAT rap act, so what would it be like watching Suicideboys, Ghostemane & City Morgue in concert? Tickets are now on general rerelease for the fall, 2023 states tour and rap lovers are loosing it! Can you imagine you all in October, in that deep tune, in a stadium full on like minded rap fans? Suicideboys, Ghostemane & City Morgue will play at the smashing, Pechanga Arena, San Diego, California on Sunday 8th October 2023, its going to be SO LIT! If you still need entry to this Sunday evening of well excecuted rap, this is the place to be! You can click the 'get tickets' link on this page to buy some today!

Calling to you hip hop buffs! The time to order for your Suicideboys, Ghostemane & City Morgue ticket is NOW! Experience legendary hip hop performers perform live on stage! Pechanga Arena in San Diego brings you a memorable evening of unbridled fun in all of California. Come and relish the music from the modern stage with classic sound and light engineering. Park at your convenience and look for something to eat and sip on before or after the show in the many restaurants and bars in the area. You certainly do not wanna miss this party! Order your seats below from the ‘get tickets’ button.

Suicideboys at Pechanga Arena

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